Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simba DoJang

At Simba Dojang we train in traditional TaeKwonDo. You will learn self-defense skills, gain fitness and become part of a tradition. One person called martial arts the oldest unbroken chain of human learning. Martial arts is passed from person to person and when you join class you become part of that chain that stretches back into the past and into the future.

When I was learning and as I continue to learn martial arts, I learned also a deeper meaning of traditional values like hard work, fairness, integrity, respect, and responsibility. The lessons are there in the martial arts, but like life, if you don't pay attention they pass by without notice.

Besides, while becoming a part of this tradition and gaining fitness, flexibility and learning, you will have fun. Kids and adults are welcome to come try a class with no obligation.

I have to smile when I remember I used to think I was not the martial arts type. Then I gave it a try and found out the "martial arts type" is alot of different people. You will never know until you try.